Public Transportation Forum

Transport Today and Tomorrow is leading this forum of organizations, which collaborate for the first time in order to raise the status of the public transport users among the priorities of the Israeli government, and to bring about a public transport to serve the needs of the entire population and as an appropriate alternative to the private car. The members of the forum include environmental and social organizations, organizations for the rights of people with disabilities, for the promotion of public transport in the Arabic sector, and for the religious (Haredi) sector. The project's goal is to create a synergetic forum in order to realize the potential embodied in each of the organizations, to lead together a significant change towards Sustainable Transport in Israel.

Transport Today and Tomorrow initiated this project out of the acknowledgement we have reached, among the environmental NGO's dealing with transport, the professional and mental framework to ensure the success of the process. The collaboration with organizations from outside the movement, with different interests for promoting public transport, had provided even greater opportunities to a practical cooperation.

In this project we will raise the level of professional knowledge and connections within the organizations; deepen the dialogue started between the organizations, to create a high level of coordination and a mutual use in the capacities of other organizations; and develop, plan and execute a joint activity aimed at decision makers, public transport operators, and the public.