Transportation and Climate Change

Motorized transportation depends on crude oil to supply fuel, consuming 50% of the global oil consumption. One of the problems in using crude oil is its influence on global warming.


The Earth is warming up in a quick rate for the last 100 years. The main reason for that is the increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Most of the CO2 arrives from burning fuel - crude oil and coal.


The proportion of CO2 emission from transportation had increased from 21% in 1991, to 28% in 2006, and is now the source for almost 33% of global CO2 emissions. Likewise, in the years 1990-2006 the emissions from transport had increased in 34.9%, while emissions from other sources had decreased in 3.4%.


Transport Today and Tomorrow has placed as a goal to act towards reducing CO2 emissions from transport by reducing the usage of private cars in Israel.


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