Communities Leading Change

The project initiates, develops and assists a network of communities across Israel, which constitute existing and potential consumers of public transportation, in organizing action as a community. Activities include acquiring knowledge and skills for public action on issues of public transport (PT), tools for organizing an effective and influential community, assistance in formulating requirements from the authorities and from transport operators, and leading nation-wide efforts.


The project aims to change existing patterns – from captive audience to a community of influencing consumers that will improve public transportation in Israel. So far, we have located key figures within selected communities across Israel and formed eight activists groups dedicated to solving the specific transport problems in their communities. We have oriented and guided the groups at the verge of their founding and initial activities and prepared professional background materials for their use.


The project has already brought important achievements both in the local and national level: on May this year, we organized a public hearing with the representatives of the "Kavim" bus company prior to its entrance as operator of the bus service in the area of Bik'at Hanadiv and Wadi Ara. This set an important precedent, for the first time a dialogue was created between a public transport operator and the general public. As the leading organizations promoting public action for the improvement of public transport, we have become an address for groups and citizens seeking to make change in their communities, for whim we provide with active consultancy and professional assistance to start public campaigns.

Further information can be found on the project's homepage