Our Team

Tamar KeinanTamar Keinan, Executive Director


Tamar holds a Masters Degree in transportation, from the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Tecnion, and graduated in industrial engineering and in environmental studies in the Arava Institute, 1997 ( Dvora ben Shaul prize winner). Tamar also serves as a board member of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and of "Life & Environment – the Israeli Union of Environmental NGO's. 



Rinat TalRinat Tal, Project manager


Rinat is an MA graduate with Honors at the Porter school of environmental studies, Tel Aviv University. Rinat holds a BA with Great Honors in Human Sciences from Tel-Aviv University. She joined us in Transport Today and Tomorrow in 2008, as an intern in the Porter School Internship Program, and since then she has been a part of our team.



Lara Fran

Lara Paran, Project manager


Lara is an MA graduate at the Porter school of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University. In her research Lara studies the dynamics of environmental conflicts. Lara holds a BA in Geography and art from Tel Aviv University; and currently studding art at The School of Art – Hamidrasha. Lara Has wide experience in activism to promote sustainable transport; and believes that sustainable transportation is one of the most important challenges in Israel.





Elad Shochat

Elad Shochat, Electronic Resources Coordinator



Elad is an MA student in the Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University. He had Joined Transport Today and Tomorrow as an intern in the Porter School Internship Program. His Thesis deals with the newest energy technologies in the field of transportation in Israel. Elad also holds a BA in biology and psychology from Tel Aviv University. 



Raanan Hasidof

Raanan Hasidof







Noam van der HalNoam van der Hal, Field Co-ordinator






Gabriela Cohen

Gabriela Cohen








Yoav Lerman

Yoav Lerman