Board of Directors

David MahalalProf. David Mahalal - Chairman

Prof. David Mahalel is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Technion institute of technology, Haifa. Prof. Mahalel holds academic degrees in Statistics and Economics, Operation Research, and Transport. His fields of research are Traffic Management and Control, Road Safety, Transport Economy and Transport Development Policy. Over the years he has been active in promoting sustainable transport systems, including public transport development, mixed land use planning, and optimization of the usage of existing infrastructure.



Hani Cohen-CaspiHani Cohen-Caspi

Hani is a Transport Planner, working in Traffic Engineering for Egged (operator of public transport) in Jerusalem. Hani Holds an M.A in Public Policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a B.A. in Geography. Specializes in implementation of transport projects, leading changes in the public transport, public participation processes and planning of public transport services to match the varying needs of different populations. Hani Has been working for several years in a transport planning companies, consulting the Israeli Ministry of Transport. Has written articles in the field of sustainable transport, among them articles regarding measures for evaluation of the PT services by its users, PT for the needs of young people, PT planning from the perspective of the passengers, and obstacles in implementing transport projects. Over the past ten years Hani has been active in promoting public transportation and is a devoted commuter herself.



Mossi RazMossi Raz

Mr. Raz is a public activist in the fields of coexistence and the environment, and a former parliament member representing Meretz party. Graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Economics and Accounting. Mossi has been serving as the secretary of Meretz party, general secretary of Peace Now (Shalom Achshav) movement, director of Ir Shalem movement, vice president of Givat Haviva seminar, and manager of the Peace Coalition. Mosi is the founder of "All for Peace" radio station, and serves as its general manager, as well as the chairman of Life and Environment – the Israeli union of environmental NGO's.



Pinchas Ben ShaulEng. Pinchas Ben Shaul

Eng. Pinchas Ben Shaul is among the most senior transport engineers in Israel. He holds a Master`s degree in transportation from North-Western University and a Masters in civilian engineering from the Technion in Haifa. He held senior positions at the ministry of transport, including the National Transport Inspector and Chief Traffic Engineer. In addition, he was a member of the board of directors of UITP (International Union of Public Transport) and presided the planning and development administration of the Israeli Railway company between the years 1990 and 2000.Parking Policy Paper.



nirit topol

 Dr. Nirit Topol

 Nirit is a lecturer in the department of Politics and Communication, Hadasa College,Jerusalem, and holds a PhD from Bar-Ilan University in Policy and Governance. Nirit is an environmental activist, focusing on the issue of transport and climate change. She had represented Transport Today & Tomorrow in the Copenhagen Summit, and wrote some of our essential reports: The Guidebook for EmployersTransport and Climate Change and our




Mr. Ofir CohenOfir Cohen

Ofir is a projects manager at Rom Engineers, and serves as a senior transport consultant to the Ministries of Transport and Finance, as well as in different projects around the world. He is a graduate of MA in Geography from Tel-Aviv University. Ofir has consulted to the competition "Sustainable Transport City" of the Transport and Finance Ministries, in which towns are being encouraged to develop an advanced transport plan and the wining  city will serve as a model in Israel.




Advocate Alona VinogradAlona Vinograd

Alona holds a bachelor from the Legal Excellence Program in the IDC Herzliya and a bachelor in English literature from Tel-Aviv University. She did her internship in Cohen, Ben-Ner, Doron, Law Office, and has worked in The Karev Fund, in Platek & Shaham Fundraising Consultant for Non-profit Organizations, and in the Lawyers program of the New Israeli Fund. Today Alona is the C.E.O of the Movement for Freedom of Information.